Monday, September 17, 2007

Details, Map 6

6A, 29.4: Valle Tio Vences Spring was a little hard to find. It is just a few feet east of the road, ~100 yards north of the entrance to the campground. There's a box with plumbing fixtures there.
6A, ~96: very nice campsite under big ponderosa pines, about 1/2 mile east of route on dirt road up a lovely little canyon.
6A, 99: Beaverhead USFS work center is a large and active complex (unlike some of the abandoned work centers earlier in the trip). There is a pay phone and a hose.
6A, 124.6: very nice stream with endangered Gila trout, would be nice place for lunch or camping."
6A, 179: Silver City has an old section of town that has nice character, although the ride into town is standard strip mall sprawl. Dinner at LOOK UP RESTAURANT NAME was very good but expensive. Breakfast at "Nancy's" was very slow and dreadful.

6B, ~40: there's a ranch house with several buildings and nice shade trees. We stopped and asked a gentleman if we could eat lunch at the shaded picnic table and he said of course. There was another abandoned ranch house with shade a mile or so further down the road.
6B, 51.2: Separ. There's still a trading post there, but it is 99% junk gifts and 1% food. Not as well stocked as a gas station, but they did have candy and popsicles.
6B, 78: Hachita. The only remaining service is the post office, all shops are shut down. The town is a classic busted mining town, 75% abandoned. We stayed on the lawn at Sam Hughes house, one block east of the post office, sign on gate says "No Tresspassing, this includes snowmobiles". He's a VERY friendly older gentelman who is a CDT trail guide and runs a shuttle service. You can find his contact info using google.

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