Monday, September 17, 2007

Details, Map 5

5A, 167.9: the campsite described in the book has flat tent sites with fire rings, but is in the woods and has no view or sense of space.
5A, 182: top of mesa has been logged, and therefore has nice views to east and west. We camped up on top, which was worth it for the views, but it was tough to find ground that wasn't really lumpy (result of logging).

5B, 0: There are several restaurants in Cuba. We ate a good meal at the Mexican restaurant called El Bruno's.
5B, ~11.5: acceptable campsite. Not particularly nice, but it's the first viable campsite south of Cuba. 100 yards north of the route in a sandy spot amidst cactus and sage.
5B, 47.6: Ojo Frio Spring had good water when we were there, but also had abundant mosquitos, so we didn't spend any time there.
5B, 66.6: we camped in the bottom of the wash. No views, but a nice sense of space, and there was clean flat sand without thorny plants.
5B, 120: Grants is a big town with many cheap motels on route 66. We stayed at the cheap old Sands motel, which had no laundry but was only 2 blocks from a laundrymat, and one block from the El Cafecito café. Dinner at La Ventana steak house was standard steak fare, pretty expensive and not great. Breakfast at El Cafecito was just fine. We took the eastern El Malpais alternative (route 117) because of recent rains. It was very beautiful, although we can't compare it to the western route.
5B, 207: Pie Town. Very nice free municipal campground, just a block or two from the two cafes. Milk shake and dinner at the Daily Pie was very good. We didn't stop at the Toaster House (Nita, the trail angel) but everybody says she's great. The two cafes have limited hours and neither is open 7 days a week, so call ahead if you are counting on getting food there. and

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