Monday, September 17, 2007

Details, Map 3

3-A, 0.0: There are no groceries in South Pass City, there is a gift shop with a few types of gift-shop candy, but no groceries.
3-A, 4.4: Terrible meal at the Atlantic City Mercantile & Café, and to add insult to injury, the front lawn at the Café was full of dog shit. Groceries at the Mercantile were extremely limited (about 10 linear feet of shelf space) but we were able to get canned tuna, a box of crackers, and some Little Debbies. If you want a meal in this town, try the Miners Grubstake bar instead.
3-A, 26.2: Diagnus Well had a very strong flow of water from a pipe. Maybe it's pumped and not always running? Call BLM before your trip to ask about this well and also about A&M Reservoir - and don't wait until the last day to call because there is only one person at the BLM office who knows the area, and he might not be in the office."
3-A, 40.7: just west of the crossing of West Alkalia Creek (a dry culvert), turn 1/4 mile north of the road on a jeep track to Sulphur Creek. There is an area with flat sandy/grassy ground next to tiny creek. When we were there the creek was running and had small fishes in it, although we don't know how often it has water. We didn't drink from the creek, but it was very nice to have water for a sponge bath. This was by far the nicest campsite we saw in the entire stretch from the Sweetwater River until somewhere south of Rawlins - a very long stretch with crummy camping options.
3-A, ~95: There's an old tank and old cabin on the left - the site is trashed with cow shit and broken glass, but it does offer the only shade for many miles.
3-A, 118: we camped in a dry pond bottom a few hundred yards north of the road. There's nothing special about it except that we had been looking for a flat place to put our tent for over an hour with no luck, because the vegetation is brushy and the ground very lumpy."
3-A, 138.4: dumpy Rawlins. Grocery store is on the east side of town. Laundry is on the west side of town. The two RV parks are dreadful parking lots next to the interstate. We ate an acceptable lunch at Cappy's restaurant - not memorable, but reasonable.

3-B, 2.5: 1/4 mile west of main road there's a grassy meadow with a small stream and some willow groves, flat grassy campsites. Beautiful place to camp.
3-B, ~30: USFS work center is shut down, but the campground host for the Battle Creek Campground was stationed here, and there is shelter from the rain if you need it.
3-B, 38.2: we took the alternate up the Little Snake River and through Columbine. The alternate route was very lovely.
3-B, 29.5 on alternate: there's a tiny gift shop in Columbine, run by an elderly lady who grew up there. She's a delightful person who served us tea and told us about other GDR and CDT travelers - she has a log book to browse."
3-B, ~105: Steamboat Springs. The folks at Orange Peel Bikes were very friendly. They are in the center of town, one block from library, one block from a bagel shop with a computer, and one block from a reasonably priced motel. The motel, the "Western Lodge", had coin-op laundry. (The laundromat in town is not conveniently located, and I suspect the Western Lodge would let you use their laundry even if you don't stay there). The big grocery store and Walmart are a few miles east of the center of town, and there is a free town bus that runs every ~15 minutes. Excellent dinner at the Mahogony Ridge Brew Pub.
3-B, 148.2: the stream was deeper than it looked and two different motorcyclists we talked to swamped when crossing it. Cross the stream where the approach and exit banks are steeper, just 10 or 20 feet left (if traveling southbound) of the primary road crossing. Nice rough camping in the valley near the stream crossing.
3-B, 181.7: Red Rock RV Park on the east side of town in Kremmling was pretty quiet and nicely set back from the main road. Nice people, laundry, showers. We ate a reasonable meal at a steak house in town. Not a bad little unpretentious town. Note that there used to be free camping behind the fire station, but the Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center told us they had to close it due to vandalism.
3-B, 229.2: The Silverthorne/Dillon/Frisco/Breckenridge area is sprawl and condo development run amuck. We disliked the whole area. If you need to spend a night in the region, the Heaton Bay USFS campground is a reasonable choice - it was formally closed for dead tree clearing and reconstruction in 2007, but we camped there anyway.

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