Monday, September 17, 2007

Details, Map 2

2-A, 29.6: Jeff Davis Lodge & Café did not open in 2007, and there are no services in Grant.
2-A, 90.3: The store in the Lima gas station is just as extensive as the store in Dell (neither are great, but they have staples). Lima was a pleasant surprise. The Mt View Motel & RV Park is very friendly and oriented toward CDT and GDR travelers - free laundry and use of computer, nice people, set up to receive packages so you can send stuff to yourself and not be limited by Post Office hours. Pete's Bar had the best steak of the trip. Jan's cafe had good breakfast, including locally produced sausage.
2-A, 187.2: we took the alternate route through Big Springs and up onto the rim of the caldera instead of riding the rail trail. The surface of the road uphill was dusty and loose, not much fun, but ridable. There was no surface water, so carry what you need. There were a few places with nice views of the caldera, but it was mostly very dense young conifer forest (post-fire), and it was tough to find a place to camp. The ride downhill on the paved road was fantastic!
2-A, 230.0: Squirrel Creek Elk Ranch has a simple café, cabins, camping. Very nice people, low-key, shade, quiet, $2 for a shower. We enjoyed lunch there, and it would be a nice place to camp.
2-A, 258.1: NPS Campsite #8 is the first one you reach if you are riding south-bound. #8 has only one campsite, bear box, pit toilet, a bit of a view. If you are planning to stay at one of these NPS campsites and this one is available you should stop here, since sites #1-7 are not any nicer than this one and may be occupied.

2-B, 47.0: we had quite a good dinner in the bar at the Togwatee Mtn Lodge. They have a coin-op laundry room so you can wash your clothes while you eat. The USFS Angels Campground/Trailhead is about a mile NE of the Lodge and has bear boxes and a distant sunset view of the Tetons. Dinner & Laundry at the lodge and camping at Angels campground was a very good combination.
2-B, 71.0: we took the alternate route, which was lovely.
2-B, 90: Fantastic rough camp in small grove of trees on top of divide 1/4 mile left of the road; great views over rolling open landscape to distant mountains, totally private and quiet"
2-B, 159.4: Rivera Lodge in Pinedale, a 1942 motel, was a bit expensive, but it was off the main road, our room was 10 feet from the river, really nice people, and it included by far the BEST breakfast on the trip. The motel is a block from a Laundromat. Also in Pinedale, we tried to eat dinner at the Bottoms Up Brew Pub. We waited 90 minutes for a meal, and finally left when they told us it would be at least another 30 minutes - possibly the worst service I've ever had in a restaurant. We ended up at The Stockman just down the street, where we had a reasonable meal with a salad bar and great service.
2-B, 202.2: we ignored the "private property" signs and went a few hundred yards north on the west side of the river to eat lunch under lovely shade tree next to river.
2-B, 224: 1/4 mile off route on a jeep track, on right side of road, stunning rough camp on top of divide with 360 degree views - it was a little tough to find a spot for the tent because it was rocky, but worth the effort.

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