Monday, September 17, 2007

Details, Map 1

1-A, 0.0: Ms Pearson at the border crossing loves the GDR riders she meets and gave us lots of encouragement.
1-A, 41.6: USFS Tuchuck Campground had a nice campsite on the river.
1-A, 101.4: high quality bike shop in Whitefish.
1-A, 121.5: Tom Arnone and his wife offer lawn to cyclists. We talked to Tom's wife (forget her name) who was very friendly. They have a nice yard, and this would be a nice place to camp if you are here in the evening. House is on the corner at the turn, with bicycle signs and their name on the mailbox.
1-A, 138.7: excellent breakfast at the Swan River Diner. I'm pretty sure they close at 2:00, so don't count on finding dinner there.
1-A, 210.1: Holland Lake Lodge does not offer showers to cyclists anymore. We ate dinner there on an evening when the chef doesn't work, so the food was not special, but it included good all-you-can-eat green and potato salad which we enjoyed. Lodge is conveniently located ~1 mile from Holland Lake USFS campground. Campground host let us put our food bags indoors for bear protection, and offered to let us recharge our iPods in their trailer.

1-B, 26.0: Excellent deli sandwhiches at the café in Ovando - better food than your average diner.
1-B, 61.6: Lincoln. Municipal campground was pretty nice, but costs $10 and doesn't have showers - don't stay there the third weekend in August when they host a regional softball tournement and is very noisy and crowded. Great rib and steak dinner at the Pondersosa café, where there is a very fine cast chicken scupture sitting on a bar stool - worth stopping there for either the food or the chicken.
1-B, 125.0: Glacier Divide Cyclery was a very nice shop. We stayed at a friendly cheap motel a couple blocks north of the bike store. The motel had a laundry room, and was walking distance to Starbucks, bike shop and downtown restaurants.
1-B, 168: one to two miles west on road 82, then about 200 yards north, nice rough camp in grassy meadow in river valley. We didn't go as far as USFS Mormon Gulch campground because the valley was so nice.
1-B, 191.9: Outdoorsman Store (bike shop) is on the route just at the exit off I-90.
1-B, 264: On right side of road there is an overlook with a picnic table, nice place for a meal. We camped right on the boardwalk next to the river - nicer views and privacy than the nearby USFS campground (although possibly not legal)

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