Monday, September 17, 2007

Details, Canada Map

Can-A, 39.4: Mt Engadine Lodge, nice people, has fancy and expensive dinners that looked good. But they don't serve until dinner until 7:00. No camping allowed there, and they told us the Prov Park doesn't allow camping outside the established campsites. We stealth camped at an OK site near mile 43. A couple hundred feet west of road on a small track, next to a creek with a small metal foot bridge.
Can-A, 60.2: Bolton Creek Trading Post. Café & market had staples and OK food - nothing special.
Can-A, 109.6: Race Track Diner in gas station had standard diner food and very good soup.
Can-B, somewhere between 5.9 to 24.2: there is an error in the directions in this stretch. We didn't take detailed notes, but there is a mis-match in the queues and the lines on the map and the roads on the ground - don't be surprised if things don't match up. There were maps posted at several intersections so we could see where we were and could tell that it didn't match the ACA map.

Can-B, ~22: pretty nice rough camp. On north side of the bridge over Fording River, go east about 1/4 mile. There's a cable car over the river, and a worn out fishing camp with table. We ate dinner on top of the cable car platform ~15 feet above ground - nicer view and fewer mosquitoes up there.
Can-B, 36.3: In Sparwood there is a swell monster dump truck and visitor center.
Can-B, 36.4 to 50.7: busy hiway with lots of truck traffic.
Can-B, 103.8: the shop in Grasmere has the staples but nothing more. There's an ice cream stand next door. Loon Lake campground has a pretty nice lake, but when we stopped there the campground was crowded with dogs, ATVs, too many people and too much noise. We rough camped in the hills a few miles from Loon Lake.
Can-B, 105.9: cafe, laundry, showers -- all shut down and abandoned.

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